Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Cedric Hohnstadt's Blog

Check out my friend Cedric Hohnstadt's work. His stuff is gggreat!! This tract is from Cedric's blog


Blogger Cedric said...

Thanks for the link and the kind words. I'm flattered to get a link from such a talented guy. Your work is fantastic!!! By the way, I listen to Way of the Master Radio too. I know Todd Friel, he he started here in Minneapols but the local station only carries the first hour of his show. So I listen to the podcast, it's inspiring stuff. Keep up the terrific work, can't wait to see more!

4:48 AM  
Blogger Miah Alcorn said...

Cedric always does great work, and this is no exception to the rule. What can you say when you got it, you got it, and he definitely has uh, well it. Where's the next Grimthorn?.... Oh that's right, your buys planning that whole wedding thing.. :).Hope it's going well.

7:04 PM  
Blogger Heath said...

Yeah, isn't Ced awesome? I love the clarity in all his stuff. I hope he makes more of these mini comics!

Wedding plans are going well. Wish you could make it!!....Say, shouldn't we been discussing this in the privacy of an email??

Over the weekend Grim acquired a ska band. I think they'll sound as good as your bro's band with a little practice.

7:43 PM  
Blogger Bobby Chiu said...

Yeah Cedric's stuff is nice :)
Your stuff is very nice as well!

12:15 AM  
Blogger michael foster said...

wonderful characters. I also like your color schemes.

8:16 AM  

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