Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Dixie Dash!

Here's a piece I did for my friends down the street for Christmas. After looking at Miah Alcorn's Double Dash illo for two months (update your blog!) I decided to go out and buy a used Gamecube, just to revisit my glory days playing Mario Kart on SNES. Little did I know that kids would be coming out of the wood works to challenge my skills. The backyardigans, grades 3, 8, and 9, showed their strength but were no match! On the tracks I made them look like a buncha gulls. (inside joke) But the 3rd grader was so good I had to make him my official tailgunner.

New Look for '07!

My friend Chris Garrison asked me one time what I liked to draw the most. It kind of took me back for a second. "I liked to draw a lot of different things," I told him. "Wolverine, maybe?" But over the years I've found a great interest in drawing people, places, and events around here in the South. From Cajun folks in Louisiana to the Gathering O' Scottish Clans on Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina, people I know personally as well, people I've read about from the past, the South is full of inspiration for me!

One note: My beliefs and depictions of people (hillbilly hoedowns, for example) don't necessarily represent everyone that lives here in these southern states. There will be a southern theme in future posts, but don't think everyone down here is a mudriding, NASCAR luvin' redneck just because I find it fun to draw a lot of 'em. Also, I'll still be posting little odds and end illustrations from time to time.

Happy New Years!


Blogger Miah Alcorn said...

I'm lovin' this one man! Super fun stuff! Puts my Mariopoo to shame... And I'm sure your buddy's from down the street loved it too. I'm with you on the golden car thing... the General Lee and a John Deer tractor woulda been way better.... If I had my choice of cars to unlock I think I'd go with Kitt, you know the car from Nightrider... maybe for an extra added bonus David Hasselhoff could be one of the items you throw at other drivers...

8:35 AM  
Blogger xenos said...

diggin it! never had the pleasure of having a gamecube, all i had was a dreamcast. (sniff.) why must everything i love become obsolete? anyhow, fun illustration and looking forward to more fun stuff...

12:15 PM  
Blogger Todd Harris said...

great illustration man. really enjoy this one, it's totally fun. great work and have a happy new year.

9:17 AM  
Blogger Randy said...

Hey, Heath! Good stuff, here, man. Definitely fun. I'm kinda confused on where the boy just above your head is located though. Is he jumping from inside your car? He reads fine, I'm just not real certain where to put him in zspace, I guess. Maybe some speed lines from the seat of the car to his ankles, if that's where he's coming from.

I really like this piece, though. Really nice interpretations of the familiar Nintendo/Mario icons, but integrated nicely with the rest of the illo.


6:44 PM  
Blogger Ted Bramble said...

Heh lookit that. Neat stuff. Pug is the best part.

12:34 AM  
Blogger Rob Bodnar said...

The General and a John Deer tractor, this is really fun, lotta action!

9:12 AM  
Blogger Cristina Irizarry said...

Hey! I came across your page and I like your work. It good to find other brothers and sisters in Christ. I added you to my blog roll bytheway! Happy New Year.

2:59 PM  
Blogger .:ChAOSBOY:. said...

Really nice job.
I like Mario kart.

8:09 PM  
Blogger Jared Chapman said...

Oh man! This is great Heath!

11:04 PM  
Blogger Marv said...

Looks nice! But what's up with your links on the side? Two different greens? Maybe it's my computer.

4:58 PM  
Blogger Beezle said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

10:43 AM  
Blogger Ryan Wood said...

Great stuff Heath, I really like the new header & Southern Folks theme! Lookin' forward to see what you got in store for '07!

2:31 PM  
Blogger Ben Reynolds said...

Awesome illustration Heath!! I love the new banner and look of the blog too!! Keep postin'!

10:53 AM  
Blogger Eren said...

Happy New Year Heath!! I'm just loving this dixie dash illustration! Love the new look and theme of your blog too! Best wishes to you and many blessings for this new year. Can't wait to see more of your illustration awesomeness!

1:25 PM  
Blogger Alina Chau said...

This ROCKS!! Especially love the doggy!! SO CUTE!

3:43 PM  
Blogger Martin Hsu said...

haha this is fantastic Heath! The pug cracks me up and I'm also a fierce competitor at Mario Karts! Have a great '07~!

4:49 PM  
Blogger Shawn Escott said...

Heath! You are the man my friend! I like the Dukes of Hazard reference! HA HA!!! Keep on keep'n on!

7:46 PM  

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